Lightsaber Form Feats

I know you may be concerned about putting Lightsaber Forms into your D&D game, but the following feats aren’t designed with lightsabers in mind, but normal melee weapons in Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. I studied up on my Star Wars lore to bring you guys what I could as mechanical approximations of the seven lightsaber styles. These are a must have if your GM is … Continue reading Lightsaber Form Feats

Monastic Tradition: Way of the Force

Later this week, I am delving into the allure behind the lore of Star Wars. However, I am a mere padawan compared to some, so I am dedicating this new subclass to Pranks Paul of the amazing Star Wars centric podcast, Never Tell Me the Pods. He has very kindly agreed to give feedback and guidance on said upcoming article so I figured I would … Continue reading Monastic Tradition: Way of the Force