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The Mage College is a website and blog dedicated to discussing tabletop roleplaying games their design, philosophy, and the real world concepts and storytelling that drive them. You can find player and game master resources, homebrew content, and other articles in the main blog section. Check back regularly for new and exciting articles on games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Cypher System, and more!

Archmage Derek – Lead Designer, Writer, Editor

Archmage Derek began his foray into TTRPGs in 2013 with D&D 3.5 as a first time Dungeon Master. After the release of D&D 5e, he became enchanted with game design, and opened the Mage College. You can find him on Twitter @Archmage_Derek. In 2019 he’ll be DMing for Tylvein: Legacy of Eldrin set in his and Kannah’s homebrew world of Tylvein, on Goldhart Gaming.

Fun Fact: Archmage Derek’s class levels are in Bard and Rogue. He’s not actually a wizard.

Head Curator Kannah – Illustrator, Playtester, Editor,

Head Curator Kannah started playing TTRPGs with D&D 3.5 in 2013, as one of Archmage Derek’s first players. Since then TTRPGs have influenced a lot of her art, which you can find more of on Twitter @itskhanuh and on Instagram @khanuhdraws. Should you pick up any of the Mage College’s DMsGuild Products, the art in them are created by Kannah herself.

Fun fact: Most of Kannah’s class levels are in Rogue. We didn’t think “Head of Acquisitions” sounded appropriate for an artist.