The Resolve to Shine Brighter – An Editorial & Apology

Yesterday, I posted a tweet that inadvertently poked fun at the way many people play their tabletop roleplaying games by teasing a fake stream that forbid using the rules of a ttrpg. I won’t waste time elaborating. The bottom line is, I oversimplified, and I was vitriolic in my method, and I am sorry. Some people thought that I was being genuine and were actually … Continue reading The Resolve to Shine Brighter – An Editorial & Apology

Love Domain: 2020 Version

Another Chance at Love Recently, a rather poor interpretation of a Love Domain cleric made its way to the public in a leaked Unearthed Arcana. While we hope there are corrections made to address the thematic issues in it, I had written a Love Domain subclass years prior. I had recently posted the older version on Twitter in response to it, but it doesn’t do … Continue reading Love Domain: 2020 Version

Martial Archetype: The Reaper

Today we introduce a teaser for a Halloween themed fighter subclass: The Reaper! This sample of the subclass will let you play up to level 6 as a Reaper. Beyond that, we highly recommend joining our Patreon. With your support, we can improve the quality of our products as well as make further steps to our larger goals! Until then, enjoy the beginning of the end… … Continue reading Martial Archetype: The Reaper

The Mage College: The Reckoning

We’re back from our hiatus! However, we’re bringing a long some new changes that will be pretty important. We’re making these changes to better fit our needs and goals as creators while trying to “level up” our game as far as the TTRPG writing and publishing sphere goes. First, The Mage College’s articles here on the website will be vastly different. We’ll still post here … Continue reading The Mage College: The Reckoning

Charting a New Course: Summer Holiday and New Directions

Running a website by yourself is hard, and when you do it for long enough, you really only know how to do just that – run it by yourself. Add in a mix of sudden design work in the form of commissions and design work while trying to acclimate new team members into the mix. Then balance a patreon while still figuring out all the … Continue reading Charting a New Course: Summer Holiday and New Directions

From the Archives: Re-skinning and Roleplaying Part 1

This article was written by a younger Archmage Derek back when the Mage College was still on Blogspot.  Take it away past Derek! (Art: Alhammerret’s Archive by Richard Write, Wizards of the Coast) Blast from the Past You’ve decided to play a Battle Master Fighter. Kevin, your table’s optimizer says, “Oh, well at least isn’t Champion, because that would be really boring.” At this point … Continue reading From the Archives: Re-skinning and Roleplaying Part 1