Things to Pack When Visiting a Private School Kindergarten Ontario

When it comes to packing for a kindergarten visit, you want to be sure that you have everything you need. There are some things that you may not have thought of, so we have put together a list of things that you should bring when visiting a private school kindergarten Ontario.

School Id And/Or Student Name Tag

The one more thing you need to do is register your child at the school. This can be done online, but it’s a good idea to make an appointment with the principal so that they can get to know you and your child better. At this meeting, they will give you a name tag for your child that they will wear during the day. You should also get one for yourself so that you can easily identify each other when picking up or dropping off your child at school.

A Question List

A list of questions you would like answered by the school’s staff. This is an essential item to bring with you on your school visit, as it allows you to focus on what’s most important and gives the staff time to address any concerns you have. If there is something specific that you want to know about the school, such as what types of technology they use or how often they have field trips, make sure to write it down! It’s also helpful to write down any questions that come up during your tour so that you can follow up with them after your visit.

A Notebook & Pen

You will want something to take notes with so that you can remember important information about the school, such as the names of people who met with you and what they said about the curriculum. Also, if possible, try to write down any questions that came up during your visit so that you don’t forget them later.

Your Child’s Report Card Or Transcript

If your child goes to public school, this will help show how well they do academically. If they went to parochial school before applying to private school, it will also help show how far behind they may be compared to other students who have attended private schools since kindergarten or preschool.

Medical Records

Your child’s medical history and information about any medications they are taking (including dosage). This is particularly important if they have any allergies or special needs that may affect their ability to attend school safely and successfully. If your child has had ear infections or other illnesses in the past year or two, bring along their medical records so that you can show them if necessary.


Most Private School Kindergarten Ontario require uniforms for their students. Make sure you have these on hand before the first day of school so your child can easily find his or her uniform when needed. If your child isn’t required to wear one, make sure he or she has at least two sets of clothes that can be worn in public without being too casual or sloppy looking.

Snacks and water

Depending on what time of day your child’s class will be visiting, it’s important to make sure they have healthy snacks available. Some schools may even provide free meals for your child during their tour, but it doesn’t hurt to pack an extra granola bar or two in case they need something later on. It’s also important to bring along water bottles for both adults and children — especially if you are going on a hot day! It’s easy for kids to get dehydrated quickly when there is a lot of walking involved.

Appropriate Clothes

Clothes appropriate for playing outside in whatever weather happens that day (raincoats, umbrellas). Most private kindergartens have play areas outdoors where children can run around and play freely, so make sure you pack clothes appropriate for such activities as well as ones that are comfortable enough for sitting inside all day long while learning new things!


It may be sunny at home, but it can be rainy when you go outside, so it is good to bring along a raincoat just in case! Make sure that it is easy for them to wear and take off themselves, though, as well as comfortable so that they don’t mind wearing it all day long!


I hope that this article has been helpful in gaining some perspective on what to expect when going to a Private School Kindergarten Ontario. It is worth it to plan ahead and be prepared: you can avoid a lot of unnecessary discomfort and disappointment by being informed. These are the key items I recommend bringing, but of course, there may be particular circumstances that make other items more critical of your visit. If you have further questions or concerns, just think back to the most recent time when you visited a kindergarten, and try to think of what actually stuck out most in your mind. Was it something you wish you’d brought?