The right choice – which Bachelor of Business Program to pursue in the UK

Bachelor of Business


Business management courses focus on an organisation’s planning, running and operations. Business management graduates are expected to look at every part of a business, including finance, human resources and administration and identify how improvements can be made. On completing the degree, students will have key skills in market knowledge, finance, managing people, strategy and data which will help them propel their careers forward.

There is a plethora of career paths a student can pursue once they complete their Business Management degree abroad, which encompasses many industries. Students can consider roles in advertising, banking, consultancy, human resource management, general management and marketing. The average starting salary for a professional with a business management degree is around GBP 22,000 per month.

Which university should I apply to?

Which university should I apply

All over the UK, business schools provide the right mix of great faculty and engaging curriculum that allows students to flourish and be successful in their careers. The UK homes universities which have been globally ranked among the best consistently. Students can consider these top-ranked universities in the UK for studying business:

  1. University of Oxford: Ranked among the top universities and the oldest in the world, the University of Oxford offers world-renowned Business Management Courses. Students will also benefit from a weekly one-to-one session with industry professionals, helping them gain expert insights into their chosen field.
  2. London School of Economics: Specialising in political sciences, economics and business management, the London School of Economics has seen 16 Nobel Prize winners pass through its hallowed halls. Graduates from LSE often attract great starting salaries and have various employment prospects upon course completion.
  3. Brunel University: With the purpose of helping people work better with the help of actionable research and evidence-based teaching, Brunel University is among the top universities in the UK to study business. Graduates from Brunel go on to work with some of the most prestigious companies in the UK, such as HSBC, Jaguar Land Rover, McCann and many more.

How do I get in?

Every university has different requirements for students who wish to enrol for business studies in the UK. However, a common requirement is an IELTS score of 6.5 or above, identification documents, references, experience letters, if relevant, and transcripts from previous programs undertaken by the student.

Acceptance rates to universities vary from year to year and also depend upon the case created by the student when applying. For Indian students who want a smoother experience when applying, TheWorldGrad offers programs like the UniSmarter and UK Year 1 Program. These programs allow students to study up to a year of their international degree from home before progressing overseas to a Top 500 University of their Choice to complete their degree on-campus. These programs offer intakes every 2-3 months, which gives students the flexibility to begin anytime and accelerate their careers.


It is highly recommended to pursue a Business Studies and Management course in the UK, with students gaining the knowledge to become business leaders or entrepreneurs in the future. A blend of global networks and a diverse talent pool working at globally recognised companies makes the UK a preferred choice for students looking for the right undergraduate program.

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