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To expand our ability to create content by funding bigger and better projects, and to support the creators behind the Mage College is on Patreon. We currently have two tiers of support:

The Intro Classes

The Intro Classes tier costs only $3 (USD), and gets you access to monthly playtest content, giving you a sneak peak into what we are working on, as well as giving you the chance to have an impact on our creations through your fearless testing. Playtest content once complete will appear in its polished form with art on DMsGuild, DriveThruRPG, or elsewhere (cue mysterious music).

Additionally, the Intro Class tier gets the ability to vote on articles for the coming month, to help inform what you, our subscribers want to see.

The Advanced Classes

The Advanced Classes tier at $5,  gains access not only to the Intro Classes benefits, they also get monthly exclusive 5e content such as subclasses, spells, monsters, or feats, as well as a monthly Magic Item Basket with ten new magic items!

Additionally, the Advanced Classes patrons get the opportunity to vote on the exclusives and the theme for the Magic Item Basket every month.

Coming Soon: Magic Initiate

We’re working on a $1 dollar tier for those of you wanting to contribute and support. Within the coming weeks we will announce the benefit for this tier, but like all of our existing tiers, we appreciate your support and are looking to extend a new cost effective way to let our friends and supporters keep our alchemy labs open at little cost to them.

Wanna sign up? Hit the button below!

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