Smart Vastu tips to improve home

When it’s the house and the happy family that we are all talking about, it always is the energy and positive vibe that matters the most. As per Astrology, if the home radiates positive energy, it brings happiness in a good way, and the family can have wealth, happiness and love for a very long time. But to do so, a few things need to be done. That is why here are some Vastu tips on how your home can be improved and better changes can be brought.

Start with the main entrance:

For the main entrance of your house, you need to place things in such a way that it attracts more positivity within a home. One of the best Vastu tips for wealth and health is to ensure the home’s main door is always open inwards. If the door opens in the outer direction, it is likely even to push back some positive energy that would enter the house. The main entrance door also needs to be free from any cracks and blemishes. The door hinges must be well oiled and solid enough, so there is no creak when the door gets opened.

The house pooja room

The house pooja room needs to be on the north side or maybe at the house corner. It is said to be the divine space as per the Vastu science. You can even ask an astrologer for the same and get the right direction set. Also, the direction is associated primarily with the god and spirituality. That is why; it is the best pooja room direction you can come across. You need to face the northeastern or the eastern direction when you pray. Some idols should also be placed in the pooja room; hence, you must do it carefully.

You can also place the water fountain or the flowing water painting in the house’s northern or eastern direction. If there is any lamp lighting, try keeping it next to the water fountain each evening and focus more on the flowing water light that would grab better prosperity and house wealth.

Ideas of Vastu for Bedroom

If there is a beam that is across the ceiling of the bedroom, then this beam must not be exactly above the bed. It is one of the crucial Vastu tips for better health. But if the beam is above the bed, it is likely to grab more negative energy that would affect the health. Besides, the heavy furniture such as the bed and cupboards must be placed close to the walls which shall face in the south-west direction. Also, such furniture pieces must be far distant from the northeast area of the bedroom. Besides, the head must not be towards the north while you sleep. Otherwise, it would affect your health.

Ideas of Vastu for Bathrooms and Toilets

As the bathroom and toilets are all related to negative energy according to the Vastu, try placing the toilet down towards the south side. Also, the toilet must always be kept closed even when you don’t use it. There should not be any water leakage or the dripping tap in the bathroom or toilet; otherwise, it signifies a wealth loss.

Happiness and Health Vastu ideas

It is believed that the dining room is the heart of the house where you can consume the meal peacefully every day. If you place the mirror that reflects the food on the table, you are attracted to the home’s abundance. Also, the home’s central area is the primary location that regulates the flow of energy to the rest of the home corners. This housing area must be free from restrictions, and the positive energy should have a free flow. That is why I see to it that the living room is not just spacious but clutter-free. This would offer better positive energy flow in the house.


Astrology tells us how powerful positive energy can be for us, but if the right actions are not taken, negative energy can be equally dominant. To fight against such negative energy within the house, you must avoid putting all kinds of paints and photographs showcasing violent acts. If any symmetrical structure, it can facilitate the positive energy optimum flow. That is why, if in any of the rooms of the house, there are five corners at the ceiling, put a small pyramid in a special area so the negative energy in that room can counter and it won’t spread otherwise. The above mentioned are just a few tips to maintain a good Vastu of your house. Try them today to see that difference.