Multiclass Mastery: Tactician

Not everyone is known for their strength and fighting prowess – sometimes you need brilliance from behind the scenes to orchestrate something bigger into motion in order to ensure victory. Such is the role of a tactician. One of my favourite video game references of this is from Dragon Age: Inquisition – your council of Commander Cullen, Josephine, and Leliana are all tacticians, with different … Continue reading Multiclass Mastery: Tactician

New Team Member and DMsGuild Product!

Today we’re happy to announce that we officially welcome a new member to the Mage College crew. Natalie is joining us as our Tactician, not only will she be working on writing and design with us, but also helping plan our products, events, and more. In 2019, we’re trying to achieve more than ever and Natalie is just the strategist we need to help us … Continue reading New Team Member and DMsGuild Product!

Announcement: A Fond Farewell

Among the number of changes coming to the Mage College, that we are announcing over the coming weeks, one important announcement we must address first: We are bidding a fond farewell to Archdruid Tahina. We are parting on the best of terms as she has made the wise decision of stepping down to focus on herself and her own personal needs and health. As a … Continue reading Announcement: A Fond Farewell

Multiclass Mastery: Master Thrower (Now with Throwing Knives!)

The Master Thrower is a fun character concept that I see a lot of people talk about and wish to create. Characters like this are often reminiscent of Bullseye from Marvel. Essentially, a Master Thrower is character that not only specializes in throwing weapons, but is amazing at it. Their speed, precision, and skill sets them apart from the average rogue who likes chucking a … Continue reading Multiclass Mastery: Master Thrower (Now with Throwing Knives!)

New Playable Race: Fey’ri

Today on the Mage College, we’re throwing a preview from our Spring title Fey and Wild: Calliope and Firiana’s Enchanted Enchiridion to Faerie. Along with Archdruid Tahina’s Sidhe race, and some game materials created by Head Curator Kannah, the Fey’ri, Faerun’s fey and fiend descended race will be making an appearance as well. If you are a fan of tieflings and elves, the Fey’ri are a wonderful … Continue reading New Playable Race: Fey’ri

Bard College: College of Astronomy

We’re full in swing with writing for Goldeneye’s Guide to Warlocks, so we thought we might share this Bard College we wrote this previous summer for our friend Kienna as a birthday present. Kienna quite graciously agreed to let us share this subclass with you guys because it is such a fun bard college! (Also she’s super nice like that.) You can find Kienna over on her Twitter, … Continue reading Bard College: College of Astronomy

Magical Intent | New Arcane Spell!

Spells are an integral part of Dungeons and Dragons. There is an entire third of the Player’s Handbook devoted to spellcasting alone. If someone were to suggest a low-magic campaign, or a no magic campaign, two-thirds of players would probably crinkle their nose in apprehension at the thought. If it is a huge part of the game, do you incorporate your characters’ thinking and habits around … Continue reading Magical Intent | New Arcane Spell!

Are You the Land or Are You Metagaming?

Dungeon Masters are the NPCs, the setting, the objects in the room, and more. They have all the knowledge of what comes ahead and could, on a whim, change it. The DM has many different roles– referee, storyteller, adversary, architect, conductor, mediator, so on and so forth, but there is a word in there that many DMs take too seriously: adversary. Adversarial DM is a term we … Continue reading Are You the Land or Are You Metagaming?

Playable Race: Stufflin

This special playable race goes out to @snacktaco who wanted a magical dragon plushie as a first time D&D character. Who are we at the Mage College to deny that?  If you want to see more of these little guys, let me know in the comments or on Twitter! (@Archmage_Derek) Without further ado, the adorable living plushies, the Stufflin! Playable Race: Stufflin Stufflin are small … Continue reading Playable Race: Stufflin

Warlock Patron: The Primordial

Today we introduce you to a new warlock patron, The Primordial. This is a new warlock patron coming in the next DMsGuild Mage College supplement- Goldeneye’s Guide to Warlocks. In this new supplement, you will find many new warlock subclasses, like this one, magic items, and new spells, with original art done by our Head Curator, Kannah. This eldritch tome is narrated from the point of … Continue reading Warlock Patron: The Primordial