Sorcerous Origin: Ethereal Magic

I had been sitting on this Sorcerer subclass for a while, but I didn’t know exactly when to release it. It seems whenever I am supposed to work on something else, I always find time to make a new sorcerer subclass. It helped that Renee Rhodes (@RaeDeAnneR ) DM of the Fate and the Fablemaidens podcast (@FateFMCast ) was looking for a subclass with similar … Continue reading Sorcerous Origin: Ethereal Magic

New Spell: Hush

A friend of the Mage College was having trouble with a particularly mouthy individual. Upon hearing about this, I was inspired to immediately design a spell to fix the problem as most archmages would. This spell is for you, my friend. Art: Voidmage Husher by Chippy, Wizards of the Coast Hush 1st-level illusion Casting Time: 1 action Range: 30 feet Components: V, S Duration: Concentration, 1 minute You magically … Continue reading New Spell: Hush

Arcane Tradition: Mythweaver

I wrote today’s subclass in honor of my favorite Celeb DM, Matthew Mercer. I always thought his introduction of season 1 of Critical Role looked like it would be a really cool wizard subclass, so I made it one. I was also inspired by Matt’s awesome ability to adopt the persona of great characters on a whim with hints of a proper Lore Master. Let … Continue reading Arcane Tradition: Mythweaver

Paladin Oath: Oath of Erudition

Today we begin a new series, this time on paladins! We have five new paladin oaths for you guys to use, and today the first of this series is the Oath of Erudition. A paladin who seeks knowledge and to share it with others. A special thanks goes out to Kristine Chester (@12thKnight) for the suggestion. Now, my students, today’s lesson: Paladin Oath: Oath of … Continue reading Paladin Oath: Oath of Erudition

Lightsaber Form Feats

I know you may be concerned about putting Lightsaber Forms into your D&D game, but the following feats aren’t designed with lightsabers in mind, but normal melee weapons in Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. I studied up on my Star Wars lore to bring you guys what I could as mechanical approximations of the seven lightsaber styles. These are a must have if your GM is … Continue reading Lightsaber Form Feats

Monastic Tradition: Way of the Force

Later this week, I am delving into the allure behind the lore of Star Wars. However, I am a mere padawan compared to some, so I am dedicating this new subclass to Pranks Paul of the amazing Star Wars centric podcast, Never Tell Me the Pods. He has very kindly agreed to give feedback and guidance on said upcoming article so I figured I would … Continue reading Monastic Tradition: Way of the Force