Arcane Tradition: Magus

I revamped the Magus almost entirely. You’ll notice that it takes one of its first features from Eldritch Knight and it’s last feature from Valor Bard, but the two core features that make them stand out will do most of the talking for you with a new elemental themed chassis. Enjoy! Arcane Tradition: Magus Also known as spellswords or sword mages, magi are known for … Continue reading Arcane Tradition: Magus

Sacred Oath: Oath of the Arcane

Today’s Sacred Oath, is an oath that emulates a bit of the Swordmage from Fourth Edition with a few fun flexible abilities thrown in. This subclass is an awesome addition to any high magic setting, or to any setting that requires an order of mystic paladins. Special thanks to @AudibleShrug who suggested the subclass, and my good friend Nick, @NickKikomori who helped me balance the … Continue reading Sacred Oath: Oath of the Arcane

Sorcerous Origin: Ethereal Magic

I had been sitting on this Sorcerer subclass for a while, but I didn’t know exactly when to release it. It seems whenever I am supposed to work on something else, I always find time to make a new sorcerer subclass. It helped that Renee Rhodes (@RaeDeAnneR ) DM of the Fate and the Fablemaidens podcast (@FateFMCast ) was looking for a subclass with similar … Continue reading Sorcerous Origin: Ethereal Magic

For My Next Trick- Mage College Update

You may have noticed that the picture above this intro is not work from any artist from Wizards of the Coast but instead a photo of me (yes, that’s me). Yesterday, I tweeted that there would be an announcement about the future of the Mage College. No worries, I’m not going anywhere, we just have some points to address. For the sake of being on … Continue reading For My Next Trick- Mage College Update

New Spell: Hush

A friend of the Mage College was having trouble with a particularly mouthy individual. Upon hearing about this, I was inspired to immediately design a spell to fix the problem as most archmages would. This spell is for you, my friend. Art: Voidmage Husher by Chippy, Wizards of the Coast Hush 1st-level illusion Casting Time: 1 action Range: 30 feet Components: V, S Duration: Concentration, 1 minute You magically … Continue reading New Spell: Hush

Sorcerous Origin: Trash Magic

As we were discussing witches on Twitter, someone joked to me that one Commander Holly (@HollyConrad) , also known as Strix the Trash Witch on Dice, Camera, Action might be interested in a Trash Magic subclass. I said, if she wanted such a subclass, I’d make it. Her answer was a very emphatic yes. Soon after, I made this subclass. Let me know what you … Continue reading Sorcerous Origin: Trash Magic