Magical Musings: Psychic Damage

You’re drifting off to sleep in your bed, when suddenly you startle and get the sensation of falling. Your eyes shoot open, and and your heart is pounding. You’ve just experienced a hypnic jerk, but whether or not you realize it, your body just experienced what might be considered the real world precursor to psychic damage. Some TTRPG and D&D players are often confused by … Continue reading Magical Musings: Psychic Damage

Otter-luke’s Irresistible Cuteness: Otters in 5e

Otters are huge. Well, they’re pretty small. Unless, they’re a giant otter, then they can be about 1.8 meters (approx. 6 feet) long. That’s neither here nor there, what we mean to say is, otters are a popular critter on the internet, and our friend Ky, a talented artist and streamer in the D&D community, is maybe the biggest fan of the entire Mustelidae genus … Continue reading Otter-luke’s Irresistible Cuteness: Otters in 5e

Ascended Tiefling Subrace

The other day, the magically talented Critical Bard pointed out that if there are fallen aasimar shouldn’t there be some sort of celestial tiefling subrace? Well, who are we to not deliver on the possibility, especially as tieflings are one of the favored race options at the Mage College. So we present to you the Ascended Tiefling subrace, following the pattern of the Tome of Foes … Continue reading Ascended Tiefling Subrace

Can You Play a TTRPG Wrong?

The answer to this question is a complicated one. We have to look at what “playing wrong” means. Unfortunately, the English language doesn’t like being very exact in its use of adjectives, so we have to make do with specifics. There’s a few different directions this question can go, so let’s be specific. You can play a tabletop roleplaying game wrong. How you manage to … Continue reading Can You Play a TTRPG Wrong?

Diabolical Plans: Running Villains Like Badasses

(Waterdeep: Dragon Heist cover, Tyler Jacobson, Wizards of the Coast) Every so often on Twitter, you see the complaint get aired, “My villain got killed in the first act,” or something like, “My BBEG died in the second encounter! They were so cool though!” These grievances are shockingly common. Sadly, plot armor is not something that adds a bonus to AC. In fact, plot armor in … Continue reading Diabolical Plans: Running Villains Like Badasses

Base Class Basics: Building Your Own D&D Class

Base classes are difficult to design in 5e. In no way does it mean that it is impossible, but there are a few big hurdles to overcome if you decide that you want to design your own base class. If you have spent more than three minutes on DMsGuild, you probably have noticed that there are so many community created base classes out there. Some … Continue reading Base Class Basics: Building Your Own D&D Class

Sacred Oath: Oath of Nightsong

Today on the Mage College, we introduce a Sacred Oath designed specifically for followers of one of my favorite Forgotten Realms, Eilistraee. Though, to be more specific this Sacred Oath was created for my favorite follower of Eilistraee, Leoni, or as many know her, the fantastic GlossandGadgets, chairwoman, creator, artist, animator of Goldhart Gaming, who plays Lael’essthrae (or Lael for short) on the Saturday Waterdeep: … Continue reading Sacred Oath: Oath of Nightsong