Accommodation tips for Indian students in UK


Congratulations on choosing the United Kingdom as your destination for an overseas education! Now that you know where you are going, it’s time to figure out the place you will call home.

For Indian students choosing to study in the UK, accommodation is of key importance. It provides a safe haven for you and a place to recharge, recuperate and rest when away from home. You can choose to live with a family of Indian origin, or stay on campus accommodation but here are some tips for you regardless of which choices you make!

Which type to choose

For students from all over the world, universities usually have built-in student accommodation on campus. These are very popular and are usually taken well in advance. However, they offer you the chance to live close to your university or at the university grounds itself. This allows students to meet new people, but also lacks flexibility in that you cannot choose your own rooms as they are often pre-assigned to you.

Next up, we have the option of private residences. Depending on your chosen university, accommodation can be found in nearby cities or towns. However, the additional cost of renting your own space and having to travel back and forth to the campus will have to be considered. A way to lower your costs when choosing private residences to live in, is to rent a unit alongside other students and divide the costs equally.

Finally, we have purpose built student accommodations or PBSAs! These places have amazing amenities such as in-house gyms, games rooms and dedicated study spaces, as well as common rooms where you can socialise with your fellow students. The advantage of living in a PBSA is you will get to immerse yourself into the campus culture, with the added freedom of not having to actually live on campus itself. Another advantage is choosing exactly the kind of room you want and the duration you wish to rent it for!


Room for more

Beyond the types of accommodations, there are also types of rooms that you can take as a student. You can get a shared room which is exactly as it sounds and you will share the bedroom with a roommate. Although this offers less privacy, it is often the best option for Indian students as it lowers the cost of living drastically and allows you to get to know people and build friendships faster.

You can also have a private bedroom to yourself, which depending on the rented property, could also have an en-suite bathroom. This kind of stay usually costs more but still has certain shared facilities like the kitchen, living space and laundry room. Most students tend to choose this option as it’s a good middle of the road option for them.

And at last, we have a studio apartment. This type of residence is completely private, in case that’s what you value above all else. However, the cost of renting a studio apartment in a university adjacent area is sky high as compared to the other options.

In addition to these options, the UK also has a vibrant Indian community – some of whom open their doors to students of Indian origin – and that can be considered as a good option for accommodation. This type of accommodation sees you become part of a family, meaning you must respect their wishes and their way of living while staying with them. However, what it may lack in flexibility, it more than makes up for in terms of the overall cost of living.


All about the location

When finding a place to call home, location matters most. You can choose whether to live closer to the campus or to a major city – allowing you to immerse yourself in the different cultures – be it with fellow students or just the city you are living in. As a student you must also be open to adventure and understanding how easy access is, what public transport costs and how much time would it take to get to any destination and is it quick and cheap to reach your destination. Living costs can vary from GBP1,000 to GBP1,200 per month depending on your spending habits and where you stay so it’s important to factor that in as well.

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As an Indian student in the UK, your accommodation matters a lot. Where you live and who you live with has a direct impact on costs, your career and a lot more when studying abroad.

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