The Resolve to Shine Brighter – An Editorial & Apology

Silhouette of Tree Near Body of Water during Golden Hour

Yesterday, I posted a tweet that inadvertently poked fun at the way many people play their tabletop roleplaying games by teasing a fake stream that forbid using the rules of a ttrpg. I won’t waste time elaborating. The bottom line is, I oversimplified, and I was vitriolic in my method, and I am sorry. Some people thought that I was being genuine and were actually excited for that concept. It’s been a while since, I have stepped out of the façade of a know-it-all game guru, and wrote something on Mage College that has been nothing but personal.

My joke at everyone’s expense is inexcusable. As someone very dear to me said, “You can’t be a positive force and tear people down at the same time.”  Making fun of the way people choose to play their games while creating games is a paradox that only leads to a stalemate. I have been in a place of personal hurt and frustration, and I let it bleed through. By definition, that is unprofessional. You all deserve better from me, and by extension, from the Mage College. Play your games the way you’d like to, and we’ll be here to support that as long as you let us. It is my desire to make TMC, and myself a positive force in the TTRPG community. I’m done tearing people down. I, in turn am going to strive to build others up.

I’m committed to doing better; for me and for you. Thank you for reading, and stay awesome.

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